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Versatec Versacolor. Fast, high 
quality color thermal hard copy. 

mp v s m 8&P 

Versacolor thermal plotting— 

for fast, high quality color hard copy. 


Receive bright, color hard copy from 
Versacolor— a new thermal transfer plotter 
from Versatec. Versacolor offers the fastest 
speed and highest resolution of any color 
thermal transfer plotter on the market in 
its price range! 

Versacolor serves as a dedicated CRT hard 
copy plotter, or as a fast color plotter for your 
mainframe, workstation or personal computer. 
The low purchase cost extends color hard 
copy usage— with performance backed by a 
computer graphics leader— Versatec. 

Plot high, 300 point per inch resolution, A 
(8 1 /2 /7 x 11") size full color business graphics 
in 45 seconds or full color B 01" x 17") size 
integrated circuit or printed circuit board 
layouts in 60 seconds. Up to seven colors 
per dot are possible— millions of shades are 
available through software. Your Versacolor 
plotter uses cut sheet opaque paper or clear 
polyester film. Switching between A or B 
size media is easy— just load in correct media 
cassette and donor roll. And you can plot 
up to 210 A-size color copies or 150 B-size 
color copies without changing the donor roll. 

The Versacolor edge. 

The Versatec Versacolor thermal plotter 
provides these advantages: 

• fastest 300 ppi thermal transfer color hard 
copy plotter on the market 

• choice of A or B cut sheet sizes for U.S. 
operation or A4 or A3 cut sheets for inter- 
national plotting 

• produce color or monochrome 

• cut sheet paper or transparencies 

• low unit cost 

• unique, easy-load cartridge design for 
quick replenishment or change of ink 
donor roll 

• quiet operation (less than 50 db) 

• compact, desktop size 

• backed by the leader in electrostatic color 
plotting with experience and services in 
hardware and software support 

• single vendor solution (desktop or wide 
format peripherals, supplies and 

Quality hard copy. 

Versatec Versacolor produces hard copy in 
rich, saturated colors on convenient cut 
sheet page size formats. These rich colors 
are especially important for film overlays 
or for projecting overhead visuals. Thermal 
transfer hard copy provides clean, bright, 
colorful hard copy High resolution and 
excellent registration offer quality output 
with a wide range of colors. 

Special user friendly features enable you to 
adjust image intensity to your requirements. 
You can also easily take advantage of 
enlarging capabilities with three sizes avail- 
able: 2 x 2; 3 x 3; and 2x4. Your Versacolor 
thermal transfer plotter will provide you with 
the speed, precision and the quality hard 
copy capability you've been wanting in 
a plotter. 

Easy versatile operation. 

A perfect fit. 

The small, compact size (21" x19" x 9.5") 
enables the Versatec Versacolor plotter to sit 
on a desk or near your workstation. Quiet 
operation allows users to hold conversations 
nearby or on the telephone while the plotter 
is in operation. No loud, annoying impact 
noises to disturb your work. 

A-size for every need. 

Receive A-size (8 1 /2" x 11") or A 4 (297 x 210 
mm) full color output in 45 seconds— fastest, 
highest resolution thermal transfer color 
plotter on the market. Business graphics for 
proposals or reports can be produced on 
paper or on film for presentations. Project 
your presentation with confidence with rich 
colors and quality images. Graphic arts image 
processing and solids modeling needs can 
also be met. Or use Versacolor for check 
plots or rough drafts for review. The A/A4 
sizes enable easy filing for reference any- 
where in the world! 

More than just a screen copy. 

Copy your monochrome or color CRT dis- 
play by using an optional Versatec Model 
250 RGB video controller. This low cost 
video controller enables images to be cap- 
tured in less than one second. Data is stored 
in a frame buffer that accommodates dis- 
plays up to 1280 dots by 1024 lines. You can 
continue to work with the display as multiple 
copies are produced. Multiple video control- 
lers can be daisy chained to produce hard- 
copy from several different video sources. 

Combine Versacolor with one of the many 
RPM 800 series rasterizers available from 
Versatec and output computer graphics 
quickly with less burden on the host com- 
puter. Plug in a wide range of Versatec 
hardware interfaces including a new IBM 
PC interface. 

The new Versacolor thermal transfer color 
plotter is ideal for most popular workstations. 
Compact size and low cost makes Versatec's 
Versacolor fit in just about every system. 

B-size convenience. 

By simply changing the media and donor roll 
(as easy as loading paper in a copy machine), 
the same plotter you used for producing 
reports can be used for plotting engineering 
drawings, integrated circuit layouts, printed 
circuit boards, solids modeling or scientific 
research. Handy B-size (11" x17") or A3 
(297 mm x 420 mm) drawings are created 
in one minute in color or in less than 20 
seconds in monochrome. Many users need 
B-size drawings 20-30% of the time so 
by having one plotter produce both sizes, 
you save investing in two output devices. 

Simple operation. 

In thermal transfer plotting, an ink donor 
roll is coated with a translucent wax-based 
ink. As the donor roll and media pass over 
the thermal print head, small dots are trans- 
ferred to the media. Yellow, magenta and 
cyan ink panels are in sequence on the 
donor media and one color is printed on 
each pass. All three primaries are used 
to create a crisp black. 

The ink is translucent enabling seven colors 
to be formed by overlaying the three primary 
colors. Hard copy emerges ready for use 
and will not fade over time. 

And, it is easy to change from opaque media 
to clear polyester film. It is as simple as 
changing paper in a copying machine. Media 
is crisp cut sheet— no tractor feed holes to 
remove when issuing reports or to snag 
when filing. Output is stacked in an upright 
position on top of the unit— for convenient 
retrieval. Replacing or changing donor 
cartridges is as simple as loading a video 
cassette recorder. Simply remove the donor 
cartridge, add the new donor roll and then 
insert the cartridge. Typically it takes less 
than 20 seconds. 

Versatec Versacolor Advantage 


High— 300 points per inch, horizontal and vertical 


Fast— A/A4-size color plot in 45 seconds; B/A3-size color plot in 60 seconds 


Dual capability— Cut sheets in clear film or opaque cut sheet 

Donor load 

Flexible— Clean— Quick— cartridge is easy to change or replenish donor rolls 

Interface support 

• video 

• rasterizer 

Hard copy from most popular digital video sources 

Off-load vector-to-raster conversion for quicker, higher quality plots 

Supplies availability 

Convenient— same vendor support, ensuring compatibility and delivery 

Quiet operation 
Service/Mkt support 

Quiet— less than 50 ofo— enabling telephone conversations while the plotter is in operation 
Dependable— worldwide service and marketing support from a leader in computer 
graphics hard copy ^^^ 

Full support. 

Supplies support. 

Versatec is the only thermal transfer color 
plotter supplier to provide extensive distribu- 
tion and direct supplies support. 

Supplies for your Versacolor thermal transfer 
plotter are only a telephone call away. In 
the U.S., call toll-free (800) 538-6468; in 
California call toll-free (800) 672-3307; or 
outside the U.S., call your local office for 
ordering, inventory assistance and storage 
information. Specialists are available to 
take your order and provide assistance. 
Warehouses located around the world will 
expedite your order. 

Software support. 

Integrated Versaplot software packages 
make it easy to get your Versacolor plotter in 
operation— with software packages available 
for a wide range of computers and worksta- 
tions. Because these software packages are 
continually improving, consider purchasing a 
new software maintenance plan. You will be 
ensured of receiving current updates and 

Easy maintenance and service. 

Modular design enhances the reliability and 
maintenance of the Versacolor thermal trans- 
fer plotter. Service centers are conveniently 
located around the U.S. and worldwide to 
support your plotting system. However, if you 
would like additional support, you can choose 
from one of the many available service plans. 
Several service plans are available to fit 
your budget requirements, for specific infor- 
mation contact your local Versatec office. 


Versatec equipment is specified by nearly 
every major OEM. If you would like more 
information about our support, please call 
(800) 538-6477 or in California call (800) 
341-6060. Marketing and sales personnel are 
dedicated to answering questions or solving 
hard copy problems. 


Versacolor Specifications 


Non-impact thermal transfer 


300 points per inch 

Media Sizes 

U.S. -A (8 1 / 2 " x11") and B (11" x 17") 

lnternational-A4 (210 x 297 mm) and As (297 x 420 mm) 

Plotting Speed 

A/A4 size/— 45 sec, B size/A3— 60 sec (3 colors); A/A4— 15 sec, B/A3— 20 sec (mono) 


Cut sheet opaque paper or clear film 

Image Sizes 

A (8.11x8.91") 
B (10.61x14.91") 
A4 (200 x 244 mm) 
A3 (287 x 367 mm) 

Ink Donor Roll 

Color: Yellow, magenta, cyan 

Primary Colors 

Monochrome: Black 

Interface Protocol 

Versatec parallel: Versatec Color Data Protocol 

Specifications subject to change without notice. 



Versatec Headquarters 
2710 Walsh Avenue 
Santa Clara. CA 95051 
Telephone: (408) 988-2800 
TWX: 910-338-0243 
Telex: 334421 

Call toll-free (800) 538-6477 
in California call (800) 341-6060 

Behind your investment. 

Versatec has demonstrated continued indus- 
try leadership by introducing the world's first 
electrostatic color plotter in 1982. In 1985, 
Versatec announced two additional widths— 
24 and 36 inches in our second generation 
electrostatic color plotter family. In 1986, 
Versatec announced the first 11-inch electro- 
static color plotter. Now Versatec gives you 
a choice of technologies. 

Supporting this family of products is a com- 
pany totally dedicated to color hard copy- 
including interfaces, software, supplies, 
service and accessories. Let us configure 
a plotting system to fit your needs. 

Versatec Electronics Limited 

5 Oxford Road 


Berkshire RG13 1QD 


Telephone: 44-635-42421 

Telex: 847159 VTECUK G 

Versatec SA 

Rue du College Saint Michel 9 

1150 Brussels 


Telephone: 32-2-771-9907 

Telex: 61286 VSCBRU B 

Versatec BV 

Strijkviertel 35 

3454 PJ De Meern 


Telephone: 31-3406-64504 

Telex: 70880 VETEC NL 

Versatec France 

Immeuble Le Baltique 
Avenue de la Baltique 
Za De Courtaboeuf 
91940 Les Ulis 

Telephone. 33-1-6 446-0239 
Versatec GmbH 
Kolpringring 18A 
D-8024 Oberhaching 
West Germany 
Telephone: 49-89-61003-211 
Telex: 897407 VETEC D 

Versatec Canada 

251 Consumers Road, Suite 802 

Willowdale, Ontario 

M2J 4T5 

Telephone: 416-494-8204 

Telex: 06 986616 

Fuji-Xerox Co. Ltd. 

2-11, Nishi-Shinjuku 3 Chome 


Tokyo 160 

Telephone: 81-3-342-7481 

Telex: 781 24988 

Versatec, Versaplot. Versacolor, RPM and Spectrum are trademarks of Versatec, Inc. 
XEROX is a trademark of XEROX CORPORATION. 

Bulletin No. 632 July 1986 Printed in U.S.A.